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My Cubby Convertible Round Crib/ Um Berço 8 em 1

Hello guys,

I’m so excited to share these photos with you! When I found out that I was pregnant with baby Gabriel I knew that I wanted him to have his own nursery. I planned and put all together very carefully, after all, it was my first baby and I was very excited with every single detail. I bought a regular crib for his room and a little bassinet to be on my room for the first few days after bringing him home from the hospital. It all worked good, but looking back today I wish I had found Cubby, the convertible round crib before. So lets talk crib….
I recently found out about Cubby. Its a convertible crib made of pine wood. Its basically the only crib your child will need from age 0 to 5.  Its so pratical and it comes with lockable swivel wheels that allow movement from room to room. This crib replaces the need for a few other furnitures: it can be a bassinet for a newborn with a separate changing table, a crib with three different levels to go along with you baby age, in other words, as your baby grow, you can lower the level so its safe for the baby. It can also be a couch or a table with two chairs. Very multifunctional and convenient. It is light in weight and it does not take much space. It also comes with a 3 position mattress that can be used for the bassinet, crib and couch.
So even tough baby Gabriel is not a newborn anymore 😦 I decided to give it a try and use the round crib, keeping in mind that I will, as he grows, use as a couch and later on when he is in school, as a table for him to do his homework 🙂 I really missed out not having this when he was born. I could have used the lovely round bassinet on my room with the changing table and eventually converted to a bigger crib. But its ok! I am sure I will still get a lot of use out of it because baby Gabe is only 1!

It is very easy to assemble! I was able to put it together and even trasnform it into a little bassinet just for the fun of it. We put baby Gabe in there and I told him I would make that his time out spot! Just kidding! lol

I also made it lower and transformed it into a small couch just to see how it would look. But decided to close and use the rounded crib for now because the baby is too small and he could fall, but will certainly use like that when he is older and learn to go to bed by himself 🙂 And we quickly transformed it back into the crib, thats how easy assembling for this furniture is! Ps dont mind the mess on this picture lol, baby got very excited with his new “playground”.

I am so happy with Cubby! Its very unusual and stylish when compared to the standard cribs out there. And after these photos, I realized was time to make the crib to the lower level because baby now learned to stand and try to climb furniture as you can see on this photo lol. So yeah, its now all the way down so there is no danger. 
I hope you guys liked my little review on our Cubby convertible crib 🙂 Its sold on and you can see more details about it here.

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