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Beach Day with a Baby and a Toddler: Must Haves

This post contain paid partnership with Stop and Shop.
A trip to the beach sounds like as easy as getting your chair and sunscreen and having some relaxing time correct? Well, when you have kids its not that easy. There is a lot of planning, packing and stuff to cart along with you. Honestly, all the forethought required of a beach trip with a baby and a toddler might make it tempting to skip the salty waves. But think this way, summer time is too short and to see their happy faces when their toes touch the sand makes it all worth it.
This week we decided it was time to have our first beach day experience as parents of two. Now with a 3 months old and a 2 year old. I made a list of must haves and did some shopping the day before.
To make these beach trips easier for me I like to get all the stuff I need in one stop and Stop & Shop has been my accomplice this summer. I can find everything from cooler, beach toys, disposable utensils and snacks for the whole family all at a great and affordable price.
I will now share with you guys a few items from my list that really come in handy when you go to the beach with your kids (baby and toddler).
My young one, Raphael, is only 3 months old and he is nursing so I dont need much for him other than change of clothes, diapers, wipes and a hat to wear on the walk from the car to the beach. Now with a toddler you need a little extras.

Beach Packing List for Toddlers

– Bathing suits
– Sun hat
– Towel (one that can be used for both beach and bath time)
– Wet-dry bag for wet clothes and bathing suits
– lots of snacks (cookies, crackers, bread for sanduiches, fruis, yorgut, juice, granola bars…)Yep! They ask for food all the time 🙂
– Plastic/reusable plate and utensils
I like to bring fruits already washed and ready to eat in plastic container or zip lock bags and then I just use disposable plates and utensils to serve.

– Kid-friendly sunscreen
– Beach sandals
– Diapers and Swim diapers
– an assortment of beach toys

– Cooler or picnic thermal to keep snacks and drinks cold and fresh
– Beach blanket
– Canopy, umbrella, or sun tent to provide much-needed shade

Are you going to the beach this summer? What are the kid-essentials on your packing list. I would love to hear how you do your shopping and planning ahead for a more relaxed beach day! For us, Stop & Shop makes it very easy to pull off all the things needed for a fun and enjoyable day at the beach.

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