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Thanksgiving Dinner: What to Bring as a Guest

This post has been sponsored as part of a paid program with Stop and Shop, but as always all opinions are 100% my own.Hey Guys!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? With that in mind most people are finalizing their guest lists, getting organized for all the traveling, and, most importantly, finalizing the dinner menu. I think it’s safe to say that, while this holiday is meant to celebrate friends, family, and bringing people together, we celebrate with food. It’s about putting aside your differences and enjoying a great feast prepared by everyone. But what if you can’t cook? What do you bring if you are invited to a friends or family house? You may think its ok to just show up and eat since the host is already doing the turkey correct? Well, preparing and hosting a Thanksgiving dinner takes an impressive amount of time, effort and planning to pull off. So in order to lessen a bit of the work load out of your host shoulders its always nice to bring along some things when you show up.
As a busy mother always on the run I look for things that are easy to get and all in one destination so I can enjoy more time  with my family. As you may have noticed by now, Stop & Shop is my main go to place when it comes to food. At Stop & Shop you can find not only food, but also decorations, floral arrangements, easy clean up and food storage all making it easier to cater all your holiday moments.
For starters, it’s a good idea to never bring anything you know is covered—like a turkey, obviously, unless the person is inviting you ask you to do so. In that case, did you know that at Stop & Shop you can order your turkey ahead of time and pick up close to the holiday date?
This year I am once again invited by my brother to spend Thanksgiving dinner with his family. He is going to be hosting the entire meal, so I will be in charge of bringing some appetizer and for that I will count with Stop & Shop’s Catering Service. I love how convenient it is that I can order ahead by calling or visiting my local store and then just drive there to pick it up.
I also put together some ideas to get you started. These are some of the things I think is really nice to bring as a standout guest to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be fancy! Check with whoever is hosting and see if they’re up for paper plates instead of fine china. Paper products might be the way to go if there’s going to be a large crowd. Stop & Shop has some really nice Thanksgiving themed disposable plates and paper napkins.
Dessert and Ice Cream
If dessert is your favorite course but baking isn’t your thing, pick up something from the bakery department at Stop & Shop. This season they will be offering 3 pies for $11.99 including Apple, Pumpkin and Dutch Apple.  That is such a great deal and their pies are so good. I usually go for the classic apple pie and pumpkin pie, but they also have wild blueberry, pecan, coconut custard and more. And do not forget to grab that vanilla ice cream to go with your pies. Yummy! People are all about pies at Thanksgiving, but cakes, cheesecakes, and fruit crumbles are just as good and you can also find a great variety at the bakery department.

Do you know what’s really good with a slice of apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Coffee. Bring your favorite or your host’s favorite, and it couldn’t hurt to bring some decaf. Coffee can make a great hostess gift as well, especially if guests are staying the night and will be fed the next morning. I like the great selection of brands Stop & Shop has and I really love they have Starbucks ones.
Snacks or appetizers
Bringing along some appetizers will be a good idea while everyone waits on that Turkey to be ready. Cheese is always a good idea and it pairs so well with wine. Also there are plenty of choices from Stop & Shop catering services.
How about dressing up the season on your dinning table with a colorful, attractive center piece? My recommendation would be a vibrant, fall-colored Pelee mum. They make a great decor for Thanksgiving. A standard bouquet of flowers is always a safe bem too when it comes to guest etiquette, and blooms in fall shades are sure to please your host. Stop & Shop has a great selection of general merchandise this holiday season ranging from floral arrangements for your table, to decor to help spice up your home.
If you’re striving to be a standout guest, remember it’s your job is to bring the fun, too. Come prepared with conversational topics for when everyone is seated, and a small game just in case. And do not forget that Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. My family’s tradition is to go around the table and share one thing we’ve been thankful for in the past year. It’s emotional every time and brings everyone together in a really nice way. Wishing you all a great holiday season!

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