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Books- Great Options for your Toodlers

This post is sponsored by Moms Meet, but all opnions are my own.

Reading is one of the best things you can do with children if you want them to have a great start in life and grow up with active minds and large vocabularies. It is never too early to start reading. With my first child, I remember I used to read for him when he was still in the womb. And then as he was growing up I was always looking for the right books that reached his milestones. Even if sometimes it seems they are not paying attention or listening, they are! Today, with one toddler and a three year old, its even more important to keep sharing books with them and I take advantage that my toddler tends to focus and engage a lot more when his older brother is around.

I like to reserve a time of the day where I sit them down in the backyard or in the living room, put a variety of books out and just have fun together. When little ones are engaged and enjoying themselves, they are learning. They always look forward for reading time and that makes me happy to see their positive interactions with books.

Choosing a good book for your baby or toddler ca be tricky, so here are a few of my suggestions for finding the perfect children’s book:

  • Go for short books with thick pages that little fingers can easily turn.
  • For babies, board books are especially useful.
  • Pick a theme or topic, for example, animals, cars, trains, families, body parts, etc.
  • Textured books are great for sensory play.
  • Bright colors and simple drawings.

There are a lot of titles to choose from out there. We have Priddy books that we really like it. They are great for various stages of learning ( words, numbers, colors, ABC’s) and great for helping your baby reach developmental milestones.

Here are five of these books that are perfect to start building your little one first library:

First 100 Numbers

This board book features vibrant graphics that includes a lot of familiar animals, objects and colors that make it so easy to interact with your little one. My baby is only 16 months and doesnt know how to count yet but I always try to count in English and Portuguese so he can start picking up bits and pieces.

Alphaprints: Colors

Start with first colors and your favorite animals. Very bright and feature some embossed pictures. Interesting shapes and textures make this a bright and special introduction to colors for little ones

See, Touch, Feel

This book is very sturdy board book, with bright photographs and specially designed to stimulate curiosity through sensory play. Each page has a colorful picture activity that invites baby to touch and explore. There are raised textures to feel, finger trails to follow, and a shiny mirror to look in to. It is one of my 16 month old favorite. It actually keeps his attention and he wants to feel everything ( see photos :))

Baby Animals- Touch and Feel

It has such cute and colorful pictures of baby animals. The touch and feel texture is definetly a hit. My boy loves to rub his fingers and look at me like “it feels so nice”. Every page has a texture and it is pretty big patches. This interactive book is perfect for your baby to build their reading skills and vocabulary.

My First Farm

Lastly, this one I recommend for your older kids. My boy is 3 and he is in love with this book. Kids can take a trip around the farm and learn about key early learning topics such as colors, matching, and sorting. There are 28 reusable play pieces, so the activities can be completed again and again. The handle-shaped book has a clamshell on the cover to store the pieces.

Your little one will love to look at all the bright, colorful photographs, teaching early learning topics like numbers, colors, and animals. With tactile, touch and feel elements, these books are perfect for building language recognition and motor skills through sensory play. All these books mentioned above can be purchased on Amazon here.


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