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Persona: A Personalized Vitamin Pack

This post is sponsored by Moms Meet, but all opnions are my own.

We are living in a crazy time where good nutrition is more important than ever for staying as healthy as possible. I have always been a fan of taking supplements, and I think that vitamins can help compliment a healthy diet. But most times I just get overwhelmed when I am on the vitamins isle in the supermarket. I just dont know what to get. So I recently tried a new way to supplement my vitamins and wanted to share my review of Persona.

What is Persona?

Persona is an online service that sends personalized vitamin packets right to your door. You start by taking a quick quiz to see which vitamins and minerals are most recommended for you. It is very simple with easy questions about your lifestyle such as how much you exercise, if you get sun outside, if you have any dietary restrictions, etc. It has questions about what you want to focus on the most such as if you need help with sleep, skin, etc.

Once you finish the quiz, you get recommendations about which supplements they believe that would benefit you, all based on your own answers. You can always add or remove supplements. You also have the option of talking to a nutrition expert for real time support. After that they detiver it to your home within a few days and you can enroll to receive it every month.

What supplements did I order?

I wanted to focus most on energy support, female health support to help with pms symptoms and just the general health essentials including hair, skin and nails.

They recommended some supplements to support hormonal balance like Borage with Saffron and Magnesium Glycinate. Also some energy formula that includes green tea extract which contains a small amount of caffeine for an energy boost.
I try my best to eat well and a balanced diet but not always consistently so the essentials like a foundational multivitamin, Omega 3 and daily probiotic helps to address daily nutrients gaps.

Another of my concerns was addressed. I got some vitamins for hair, skin and nails along with skin probiotic that supports skin hydration and aged skin. I also decided to add a Collagen Peptides to my pack. It has many benefits like supports normal joint function, promotes heatlhy exercise recovery and supports hair, skin and nail health plus is easy to add on to any beverage.

What do I think of Persona?

I really love it! I think this service is so convenient and take all the guesswork out of it. The quiz before you order it gives you an idea of what vitamins to take. Having all my vitamins packed together in one little packet has made it super easy for me to take it daily. I like that they recommend only the necessary so you are not overdoing your vitamin intake.
These are easy to have in your purse for when you are on the go. I like to take my am and pm vitamins after food and sometimes I am just in a rush to leave the house so these little packs come in handy.
After taking these supplements for about 2 weeks I started noticing a difference in my skin, also I had less mood swings and my pms symptoms are more controlable. So yes, I definitely recommend it!

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