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Fun Day at Wild West City in NJ

Thank you Wild West City for hosting us. As always, all opinions are still 100% my own.

At the entrance, ready for some fun!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit Wild West City for a day filled with fun and excitement. If you follow me on Instagram you probably got a peek of what we experienced, but if you have not I will tell you all details about this family fun day here on this post.

Some of you might be asking what exactly is Wild West City. So lets get into it.

What is Wild West City?

Wild West City is a family-friendly western themed park that makes you feel like you are living in the 1800’s right in Dodge City, Kansas. They present an interactive adventure bringing tales of the wild west to life through historical characters, dramatizations and demonstrations by period craftsmen. These live action shows are presented every 15 minutes right on Main Street and there is even crowd participation including a few events with children participation. These live action shows were very fun to watch and they did an awesome job recreating life back in 1800’s western town.

Walking around Main Street

Things to do in Wild West City

In addition to live action shows throughout the day, there were also a lot of choices of things to do at Wild West City like museum exhibts, farm animals, mini gol, stagecoach, train ride, pony ride, gold panning and more. Some of these were additional fees.

We arrived right when the park opened and started our day watching the opening ceremony. We made ourselves confortable and stayed seated outside at one of the many buldings of Main Street watching a few of the live action shows like Gunslinger, Pony Express and cowboy competition.

Opening Ceremony
Pony Express
Main Street

Many of Main Street’s buildings are accurate reproductions and loaded with antiques, not to mention the extensive collection of Native American art and artifacts. So if you love history, you will enjoy walking from bulding to building checking everything out.

My boys love mini golf, so we played a round in their 18 hole mini golf, which was nicely shaded and decorated with some retro looking pieces. (Mini golf was available for an extra fee).

Playing mini golf

After mini golf, the kids wanted to head to the gold panning. We followed the instructions stated there and taught our boys how to pan for gold at Egan’s Gold Mine! Gabriel was really into it, while little one just wanted to play with the water haha! ( Gold Panning is included in your admission fee).

Gold Panning

Right by Egan’s Gold Mine, there was a Farm Barnyard. There were a variety of animals that you could see and touch behind the fence. A small cow, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, pony and a pig were all there for anyone to see included in your admission fee.

Barnyard chickens

After that we walked around the city and went back to Main Street to watch the live action show with children participation. The boys were so excited to get a deputy badge and help the sheriff get the outlaws.

Watching the shows
Kids participation

It was lunch time, so we took a break to feed the kids. They offer a quiet and shaded picnic area. You are welcome to bring your own food and snacks or purchase them at one of their two food options: Golden Nugget Sallon (which also has a bar inside, so cool!) or Frontier Frank’s that offers pizza and soft pretzels.

Picnic area
Golden Nugget Saloon

After lunch, we went for a train ride. The ride was peaceful through the forest and filled with excitement. A bandit stopped our train and the interaction was really fun. My boys were worried if the sheriff was coming to get the “trouble makers” as they called the bad guys haha. (The train ride is also an additional fee).

Ready to ride the train with John!

The pony ride was another highlight of our visit. Gabriel went on the ride twice and he loved it. Raphael was scared and did not want to go. The pony ride is available for additional fee and only for kids under 95 pounds.

This kid was ready!
He was so happy!

If you looking for a scroll around Wild West City you definitely must go on the Stagecoach. You can choose to ride bottom or up level. We sat in the up level and it was one relaxing ride. Of course we were stopped by bandits again haha. Dont forget you are living in the Wild West 🙂 The coach goes slowly around pulled by two beautiful horses so anyone can ride on it! This ride is also an extra fee.

Stagecoach horses are so beautiful 😻

The town offers a few little shops so you can buy souvenirs, candy and ice cream! you can also visit the bank, post office, church and school of the western west.

Ice cream break

Where is it located?

Wild West City is located in Stanhope, New Jersey, 40 minutes from Newark airport area. Less than one hour if you are coming from NYC. There is a large parking lot with plenty of space and parking is free! 50 Lackawanna Drive Stanhope, NJ 07874.

Waiting for a train ride!

Our little family had such a great day. They open at 10:30am and closes at 5pm. We stayed all day long and waited for the closing ceremony which was beautiful. Staff members there were friendly, welcoming and happy. They seemed to take pride in their park and wanted the guests to be happy. I recommend it to anyone looking to disconnect from the modern world and enjoy a fun family day experiencing the spirit of the American West.


$29.50 for adults, $24.50 for kids, $22 for seniors. Extra charge for: Pony ride, Stagecoach, Mini Golf and Train Ride ( around $5 each).

Buy them here http://www.wildwestcity.com

Two happy campers!
The kids had a blast!

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