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My Journey Taking Probiotics

Last month I celebrated my 35th birthday. Every year that I get older I think more and more about my health and how to nourish my body and mind. I think that when we get older we try to make up for all the unhealthy choices made in the past!

So at the beginning of this year I decided that one thing I was going to take more seriously was taking my vitamins and supplements. And that’s when I came to know more about probiotics.

I started taking probiotics after having tummy troubles. No matter how clean I ate, how much water I consumed or my level of work out, I would randomly have abdominal pain. So thats when I started my jorney to getting to know more about probiotics and introducing it as a supplement on my daily routine.

Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics

I came across Kyo-Dophilus probiotics and that’s the one I’ve been taking since then.

Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics are formulated to support healthy digestive and immune systems. Their probiotics deliver efficacy, quality and extended live cell viability, without need of refrigeration. They use The Friendly Trio® for the core of their formulations. The Friendly Trio® is a clinically studied proprietary blend of human strain Lactobacillus gasseri KS-13, Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1, and Bifidobacterium longum. These have been shown to support your body’s immune health, regulate healthy gut flora and enhance immunity by reducing inflammation and to normalize bowel movements.

From what I understand, there is a lot of bacteria in our body and most of it is in our gut. The goal is to have more of the good bacteria in our gut and probiotics can help that. They can also help with better absorption of nutrients from the good foods we eat.

I started taking the pills around March 2021 and have continuously been taking them daily. I usually take it every morning with my breakfast. The pills are easy to take, no smell or strong taste.

From week one I started to notice changes. Like a more regular bowel movement and less bloating after food. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t got sick as much. Usually when there is a change in season I tend to get a little cold but not this time. And this is mostly because probiotics also help to boost our imune system.

So these are the three different probiotics I have tried from Kyo-Dophilus:

Daily Imune Health and Digestive Support

This probiotic is specifically formulated to promote healthy intestinal function, digestive balance and general well-being. I would say is the best one for starters. Take two capsules a day and it help maintain good colon health, relieve occasional digestive discomfort and promote healthy immune function.

Enzyme + Nutrient Digestion and Gut Health

The powerful enzymes in this formulation assist the body’s natural ability to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates and dairy into absorbable nutritional elements. The probiotic blend supports digestion by helping to regulate the healthy bacteria and normalize the GI system. Take these capsules to aid in nutrition digestion, relieve occasional digestive discomfort and help promote healthy immune function.

Max Probiotic- Maximum Reinforcement for Gut Health

If your digestive health is susceptible to or has been compromised by travel or stress, Max Probiotic can help replenish your microbiome, balance your GI system and support a healthy immune response. I always take this one with me when traveling.

If you experience occasional intestinal distress or just want to keep a balanced digestive system to promote a healthy immune system, consider adding probiotics to your daily diet. It should be taken daily with or without a meal. I prefer to take my capsules every morning after breakfast and I try to do it at the same time everyday. When it comes to health, so many factors play a role for each and every person, so take it for a minimun of two weeks to evaluate the benefits for your body. Also, as it should be with any new supplement you are taking, write down your daily activity including sleep and what you eat. Then keep track of the claims. Generally, your body needs 30 to 60 days to feel the benefits of probiotics if used on a daily basis.

It’s been almost one year taking probiotics and I’m glad I started it. I’ve seen a lot of improvement regarding to my gut health and imune system. And always remember to check with your doctor for recommendations and further information.

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