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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Preschoolers 4 Yrs Old

Christmas is approaching and I’m working on great gift guides to help you choose for your loved ones. I have browsed the internet for the best toys and gifts ideas for those 4-year old boys and girls in your life. My four year old boy has his favorite toys and characters and opinions about everything. That said, today I am sharing this Holiday Gift Guide for Preschoolers packed with fun finds, including educational toys, practical gifts, and unique gifts that are sure to be a hit when your kid opens them! And what’s better than seeing that smile? Just keep reading to shop some really fun toys this holiday season.

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Water Doodle Mat

They can draw everywhere with this doodle mat. The best part is, they won’t make a major mess. Just add water to the pencil and the mat will dry in a few minutes for non stop drawing.

Educational Microscope Toy

Encourage your little scientist to do some investigating with this educational microscope. It will inspire them to get excited about biology and chemistry.

Bath Tub Crayons

My boys love playing in the tub. Bath time will never be this fun with rub a dub draw in the tub crayons. Your little Picasso can create all they want, and you don’t have to stress about a mess.

Princess Girl Tent

Girls can create their own world in this princess tent and any space can be magically transformed into a place they’ll love to play.

Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set

This set of books with an educational twist will keep your kids entertained. Specially if they are a big fan of the paw patrol!

Outdoor Exploration Kit

Perfect for your little explorer, this kit comes with binoculars, a compass, a flashlight, and more. Go to the park or backyard and have some fun.

Play Doh Kitchen Creations

This kit is the perfect toy for any kid who wants to star in their own pretend baking competition. Utilizing the mixer, they will be able to stamp out their own creative bake goods.

Bath Basketball Hoop and Balls

This hoop fits around most bathtub faucets and it will make any kid excited for bath time.

I Spy Guessing Game

A fun game to play with the whole family! 4 year olds tend to love I Spy games!

Disney Princess Necklace Activity

If the girls in your life love jewelry, they need this set. They can make as many necklaces as they want, and then pile them on!

Colorblock Reversible Jacket

This sporty reversible jacket comes in bright colours, a front zipper and side pockets. It’s super warm and perfect for the winter.

Jumper with Flashing LED

Let your kids have some good, safe fun with this cute jumper. They’ll feel like they’re flying while barely leaving the ground.

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