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Liberty Science Center- Wobbly World Exhibit

Thank you Liberty Science Center for inviting us to preview the Woobly World Exhibit. As always, this post is 100% my opinion.

Now that temperatures are getting colder, I’m always looking for activities where kids can explore, release some energy and have fun. So I was super excited to be invited to spend the day exploring Liberty Science Center in Jersey City and to preview their new exhibit.

In addition to the already amazing exhibits and experiences, LSC is also offering an immersive exhibition called Wobbly World which is exclusively for kids 5 and under.

Young guests are invited into a bright, interactive, slightly off-kilter wonderland to explore balance, motion, an cause and effect.

The Wobbly World exhibit is located on the second floor. Designed by renowned toy designer Cas Holman, it revolves around the concept of balance, draws inspirations from art, physics and an intrepid toddler’s first steps. We had the chance to meet Cas in person and learn more about this amazing collaboration!

My boys had so much fun exploring the whole space. At the center of the gallery you find a giant Body Mobile which is part carrousel, part Calder-style mobile where kids can swing, spin and teeter-totter.

There is also a space called Balancescape, filled with hills and ledges so the kids can test their balance and agility as they find their footing!

Another highlight for my boys was the Balance Blocks where giant puzzle made of unique block shapes fits into a matching slot in the wall.

And if your kids are more of a hands-on leaner, there is a Mobile Building Station with a tabletop mobile where kids can hang mini versions of shapes seen around the gallery. Also at the Scale and Stacking Station, there are tactile wooden shapes to grab, sort, stack, and balance on scales.

This exhibit is an amazing hands-on learning experience that can engage little guests for hours. SafeLandings flooring and shock-absorbing paddling ensure that all young leaners can explore safely.

We had an amazing time exploring, having fun and learning at Liberty Science Center and we are excited to come back another time and explore more exhibits! To learn more and buy tickets visit the Liberty Science Center website. Wobbly World is included with your LSC admission.

Also, face masks are required at all times, they are also checking vaccine cards and IDs as you enter the building and are following all cleaning protocols to keep everyone safe!

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