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Fall Bucket List With a Toddler

This post has been sponsored as part of a paid program with Stop and Shop, but as always all opinions are 100% my own.
My absolute favorite time of year is fall.  I love all the smells and flavors of the season!  I love the holidays and the wardrobe. I love it all. And one thing I really want to experience this year is some fall activities with my kids. This summer baby Raphael was born and I feel like we end up spending too much time inside of the house adapting to life with a toddler and a newborn. So I want to challenge myself this fall season to complete a kid friendly bucket list. I want to make sure this bucket list helps me to focus in on the joys of the season, spending quality time with my kids and of course having some fun.

There can be so much pressure to make Fall memories, especially expensive or elaborate ones like pumpkin patches and hayrides. I love a good pumpkin patch but those places can be pricey. And they take a lot of pre-planning, specially in my case with a toddler (2.5 years old) and a 5 month old baby. And toddlers don’t always cooperate even when you spend money and put in a lot of effort. But today I will share with you a few things that you can add to your fall bucket list that won’t cost you loads of money or take you days to prepare.

I really love doing my shopping at Stop & Shop. At this time of the year they carry everything I need for an enjoyable and stress free activities with my kiddos. Stop & Shop is my go destination not only for food or baking goodies but also for all the autumnal decorations, garden mums, decorative squashes and pumpkins, fall homeware, beautiful seasonal flowers, candles and much more. One quick trip and I was able to get a lot of goods that I will use to accomplish some of my fall bucket list such as bagged apples, mini pumpkins and everything pumpkin flavored I could find 🙂
My fall bucket list is filled with cheap, simple ideas that will make lovely memories and help you make it to nap time with all your sanity left.

Here’s what is on our bucket list for fall this year (some we have done already and it was so much fun!)

Go on a nature walk

If you have a toddler full of energy, this sure will be a great activity. They love to explore nature and this time of the year is perfect for that. The weather is so nice, the fall leaves are so beautiful and there are tons of acorns on the floor for them to play with.
Pick up leaves and bring they home to paint 

There are so many great leaf crafts out there and I can see this will be a entertaining activity. Just walk down the street or go to the closest park around your house to find a bunch of different leaves. Give your kid a bag and let them pick their favorites!
Make pumpkin muffins/ Cookies

I love everything pumpkin for fall. From coffee, to cake, ice cream, muffin, cookies, cereal… you name it! Take an afternoon for baking some muffins for example. The kids can help, they will have lots of fun and your house will be smelling so good! Yum! Stop & Shop has plenty of pumpkin baking goods!
Paint a pumpkin

Just get a few decorative mini pumpkins some paint and I am sure your toddler will be hooked for a while!

Jump in a pile of leaves 

Even though is still pretty warm here in NJ and the leaves are not quite falling yet, this will be certainly a hit for my boy!
Collect acorns for art and craft

My boy loves the acorns. He likes to put them on his truck and just collect them. I’ve seen a lot of Pinterest fun activities to do with them and I will work on those with him. Just make sure your kid is old enough and understands he cant put it on his mouth.
That is what we are going to be doing this fall. Simple and easy activities that toddlers will love. What are you planning for your family this season?

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