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Most Comfortable Loungewear Sets- Shein

With much of our days now being at home, how tempted are you to stay in pajamas all day? Speaking for myself… VERY! Most mornings are busy with the kids home and blog work to do, so I just reach for comfy loungewear. This way I’m ready for the day and wearing something as comfy as pajamas.

We are only leaving the house to go to the groceries and occasionally store shopping since I’m doing most of my shopping online. These loungewear sets are perfect to throw on with a pair of comfy sneakers or slip on shoes to wear and make a quick run to the grocery store. Also to be ready and cute for zoom calls. I’m linking here on this post 4 adorable loungewear sets you’ll want to live in. These are all super warm as well and perfect for fall/ winter. All from Shein and all under $35! Check them out and use code PADONI for an extra 15% off your entire purchase.

Desde que começou essa pandemia, quase não estamos saindo de casa. Somente para o necessário mesmo porque com duas crianças pequenas é complicado fazer eles ficarem de máscara e criança sempre quer tocar em tudo né. Então eu saio mais sozinha pra ir ao mercado pus coisas assim. Digamos assim que na maioria dos dias nem da vontade de tirar os pijamas haha. Mas os conjuntos conhecidos como loungewear são tão confortáveis quanto um pijama e perfeitos para o dia a dia. Separei 4 sets da Shein que estou amando usar em casa e se preciso sair de casa já estou pronta. E não esqueçam de usar código PADONI para ganhar mais 15% de desconto no site da Shein.

I’m loving this caramel light brown color. And sweatshirts are always super cozy. I love how nice this one look. If you pair with chunky sneakers you have a very actual trendy outfit. Plus is super thick and warm. http://shein.top/517lusl Search ID 1728911 $33

If you are like me, staying comfortable and warm is priority. So when I saw this teddy set I had to have it! It’s the coziest thing ever. Some days I use it I have to lower the heat in the house because of how hot it is 🤣. http://shein.top/7iuvu46 Search ID 1617869 $17

Another one I’ve been using non stop is this grey sets. I love sweatpants and sweatshirt, and this one looks super cute if you pair with white sneakers. The price is such a great deal! http://shein.top/lsmyre9 Search ID 1714975 $24

And lastly, this mauve/ brown set is adorable. This one is a little bit on the light side, but it has a higher neck to keep you warm. http://shein.top/whxs80e Search ID 1765541 $28

Stay safe guys and enjoy this deals!

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