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Liberty Science Center- The New Dino Dig Exhibit

Thank you Liberty Science Center for inviting us to preview the Dino Dig Adventure. As always, this post is 100% my opinion.

I joined the boys and started digging too!

My boys have been on a dinosaur phase. They love everything from books to toys, they play dinosaurs around the house pretending they are one and are so excited to learn things when it has to do with these magnificent prehistoric creatures. So I was super excited to be invited to spend the day exploring Liberty Science Center in Jersey City and to preview their new exhibit Dino Dig Adventure which will be open to the public tomorrow, July 21.

Before heading to the Dino Dig preview

In addition to the already amazing exhibits and experiences, LSC is also offering fun ways to learn all about dinosaurs! Families of all ages can enjoy a wide range of activities to keep kids bodies and minds active.

The Dino Dig is set up outside on the second floor. It is a rooftop with beautiful views of the NYC skyline. Guests of all ages are invited to be real paleontologists for the day with over 60 tons of sand covering replica fossils of bones, eggs and even dinosaur poop. You can grab a brush and start digging to uncover these massive creatures. On the wall you will find a Dig Site Map listing what you are looking for and where to find it.

My boys had so much fun exploring, digging and learning at Dino Dig Adventure. They found dino eggs that my 4 year old was mostly excited about! They also played dinosaurs arts and craft and enjoyed the cool dinosaur playlist that was blasting during the entire event. If your kid is bigger and understands a little more, volunteers are available to help and answer any questions the kids have as they discover fossils of bones. We also made a new friend. Luci, a very friendly dino šŸ¦– that was walking around and playing with the kiddos.

They were a bit scared at first
And then they just wanted to pet the Dino
Family picture with Luci

This exhibit is an amazing hands-on learning experience that can engage guests for hours. The site is mostly covered by a giant canopy so you are protected from the sun which is a plus. The Dino Dig is included with your LSC admission.

Dino Arts and crafts

We had an amazing time digging into fun and learning at Liberty Science Center and we are excited to come back another time and explore more exhibits! To learn more and buy tickets visit the Liberty Science Center website!

Also, face masks are required at all times, they also check temperature as you enter the building and are following all cleaning protocols to keep everyone safe!

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