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A Day Trip to Sesame Place in Langhorne PA

I received complimentary tickets to visit the park in exchange for a media coverage. All opinions are my own.

This weekend we took a trip down to Pennsylvania to visit Sesame Place amusement park.

Sesame Place is located in Langhorne, (just outside of Philadelphia) and is a park themed entirely to the world & characters of the kid’s show: Sesame Street.

Since the park is only about an hour away from our home in New Jersey we left at around 9 am (the park opens at 10 am) and got there just a few minutes past 10. Parking at the park is $30 and for preferred parking (which lets you park closer to the park) prices start at $50. We received preferred parking ticket and were able to park pretty close to the entrance!

Park info

When you arrive at the entrance of the park, all bags will be checked. You can bring in water but no outside food. They will check your bags first and at the second gate, the staff will scan your tickets, and then you enter the park.


Saturday was pretty hot so we started our day at the watermark. There is a lazy river, small wave pool, and other interactive water areas for young kids. There is also a few water rides (slides, etc) that we took advantage of and were super fun.

Lazy River
Splash pads fun
Water slides
Water slides

They also sell an upgrade to your admission which is called a Magic Queue. They have a few options and this allows you to skip the lines to their most popular attractions. Lines got pretty huge, not sure if it was because we went on a hot summer Saturday, but having the Magic Queue helped a lot!

Dry Rides

We did the dry rides later on. It was too hot and we decided to take full advantage of the water park which closes at 6pm. And since the park is open until 8pm and the last parades happens at 7pm, we got ready and headed to the dry rides around 5pm.

Elmo’s World

There are ton of dry rides geared toward younger kids. We couldn’t get to all of them but we took the kids on their most favorite ones.

They also have an app which gives you a full schedule of the day. The app tells you which characters will be where at certain times for photos but it really all depends on how long it takes for you to get through the line. We attempted to take photos with Elmo but the line was just too big and with the overwhelming heat we just decided to go back to the water park. There are plenty of opportunities during the day so just plan accordingly.

There are also lots of areas geared towards toddlers and babies! We let the kids play a bit at the Slimey’s Square while we took a break lol!

Toddlers area


The Sesame Place app tells you the parade times for that day and I highly recommend not missing the parade! It was so fun. Try and find a spot early on the parade route to get the best view. On Saturday they had parade at 3pm and 7pm. We decided to attend the later on. It was a great choice because by then it was cooler and we got a great spot. Also plan to arrive by the street parade at least 45 minutes earlier to get a good spot!

Hi Elmo!
Wave goodbye to Cookie Monster

As for the shows, I only found out about them later on the day and it was too late. So definitely, when visiting Sesame Place, plan ahead, look at their schedule on line and be prepared to embrace the lines!

A few tips from our experience!

Lockers are available at the park for a fee. I recommend renting one to have all your bags secured or buy a waterproof pouch that can hold your phone, cash and car keys.

They allow you to leave the park and return. Just get a hand stamp when you leave. We did that one time when they kids started to get hungry and cranky. We took a break by the preferred parking lot. There were plenty of picnic tables and we sat in the shade to enjoy our lunch we brought from home.

Eating our lunch at the picnic area by the parking lot

There are also lots of food options throughout the park. And since they don’t allow outside food, if you are spending the whole day at the park like we did, I recommend going to your car for lunch and snacks and then getting food at the park later on. That’s what we did and we avoided the crowded hour and huge lines.

The boys loved their chicken tenders and souvenirs cups! The waffle French fries were soooo good!!

The souvenirs cups are super cute!

If you go on hot summer days, no need to change clothes. Everyone walks around in their bathing suit and water shoes. We did that and by the time we went to the dry rides we were all pretty dry already.

The water park closes at 6pm. Plan to leave earlier and go to the dry rides. Chances are it’s going to be less crowded. We realized that by 6pm everyone left the water park and the lines started to get bigger.

If you have the chance, try visiting on a week day. I guess it will be less crowded!

That sums up our day trip to PA to visit Sesame Place. We had a fun day with the kids! We enjoyed all the rides and attractions as much as the kids.

If you have any questions about our experience, please drop them bellow and I will happily answer them for you!

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