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Family Fun Adventure to Diggerland USA

I received tickets to Diggerland USA in exchange for an honest review/media coverage.

If you are looking for a unique place to take your kids, you have to visit Diggerland! Diggerland is the only construction themed adventure park in all of North America! “Here children and their families drive, ride and operate heavy machinery in a safe, family-friendly environment. Diggerland is the most unique amusement experience in the world.”

Yesterday we had the chance to visit this gem for the first time. We had such a fun day and I shared a few highlights of our day over on Instagram and got tons of questions about our visit. So on this post, I’ll give you all the insider information to make sure you have the perfect day at Diggerland NJ.

The Rides

The park opens at 10am and so does the Water Main waterpark but the dry rides only starts at 12pm. So we planned to arrive at 11am. It was perfect timing to walk around and explore the park and also get our stuff secured in a locker ( available for rent by the waterpark).

It may seem like Diggerland is a small park, but it packs a punch with over 25 attractions to explore and enjoy. We tried our best to circle around the park and started with some rides like the Turnpike Tractors, barrel train, shake n’roll and Ventrac.

Shake N’ Roll
Turnpike Tractors
Barrel Train

There are so many fun vehicles to drive! We tried to alternate between driving vehicles and riding the rides or operating the diggers.

Diggers of all sizes were super cool because you could actually use them (alone or as a lap rider).

Big Diggers

We all loved that we got the chance to use real excavators to dig in the sand and dirt. My boys were so excited! Gabriel who is 5 year old was able to operate an excavator by himself, following the directions that were given and he was totally safe.

Operating the big digger

The diggers (all on the one side of the park) are all set on timers so that every person gets the same amount of time to use the machines.

They also have a huge playground, a massive ropes course and a rock wall that we didn’t have time to explore on this visit.

Water Main Waterpark

It was a hot Saturday and after exploring some fun rides we decided to head over to the Water Main.

Ready for some water fun!

The Water Main waterpark opened in 2020. It’s also construction themed with sliding, soaking, and splashing to create a relaxing and refreshing addition to the, already unique, amusement park.

There was so much to do at the waterpark. My kids had a blast at the splash pads of “Jackhammer Bay”, featuring an array of construction-themed water features, a splashing bucket, and more.

Jackhammer Bay
Jackhammer Bay

“The Pipeline” has dual open and closed flume whirling slides. My oldest and daddy could not get over this ride! They went multiple times!

The Pipeline

We also spent a lot of time at the “Digger River” which pulls you along with its current to a vortex whirlpool.

Digger River

The New Claw Hammer Cover was the perfect addition to the waterpark! Who doesn’t love refreshing at a wave pool!?

If you feeling extra adventurous go for the Rip Rap Run! My husband did that with Gabriel while I stayed with the little one. On this challenging area you have to splash through different obstacles that is as long as one and a half tractor trailer trucks.

Rip Rap Run

We also checked the New Carpool Lane which offers two parallel courses for crossing the 24-foot-long pool using the themed pads and the overhead grid. Small children can totally try as long as there is an adult inside the pool supervising!

Carpool Lane

Quick tips and rules you should know

Age Restrictions

If you are wondering if Diggerland is right for your child, keep in mind that they offer a little something for everyone, but all of Diggerland’s rides require a minimum of 36″ (sometimes 42″) to participate. Children under 36” enters for free but there are limited attractions for them to enjoy accompanied by an adult. But if you are planning to spend the day at the Water Main, there are plenty for little ones to do, specially at the splash pad area.


Diggerland USA offers three places to eat: The Munch Box, The Lunch Pail and The Forklift. There are options like chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, cheese steak, fries, corn dog and funnel cake and prices are comparable to most theme parks. There are also drink vending machines located throughout the park.

Outside food is not allowed in the park (with the exception of some items for toddlers, babies, etc. and a water bottle). Both indoor and outdoor picnic tables are available, and there are benches throughout the park, too.

If you’d like to pack a meal in a cooler, you are allowed to exit the park and return as long as you still have your wristband on. Their parking lot is super close to the entrance and, if you use a cooler with ice packs, you could eat a meal in the parking lot if you’d like to save a few bucks and avoid waiting in lines to order food.


Wear breathable clothing and locate the misters, water sprayers and fans. There are umbrellas and shade structures throughout the park, so try to take advantage. 

Wear comfortable closed shoes. There is a lot of walking and closed-toed shoes are required to ride the machines.

For more info visit their site or feel free to leave me a comment or message if you have any questions.

We had such an entertaining experience and I think Diggerland USA is one of the coolest, most unique parks I have ever been to. They offer plenty of attractions to enjoy “playing” with construction equipment and we felt safe at all times plus the staff was friendly, patient and helpful giving instructions to little ones on how to operate the machines.

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